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Super Garam Masala

Option Kasoori Methi is packed from sorted and selected quality of dried funugreek leaves in hygienic conditions .  Kasoori Methi is considered as one more the secret most ingredient that is often used by professional chefs to bring a unique restaurant style taste & aroma in several indian food preparations such as gravies, dals and Indian breads.




A pinch of kasoori methi can enhance the taste and flavour Indian cuisine such as gravies, dals etc.  It can also be used to prepare thepla, khakhra by socking it and then adding it to the flour while preparing the dough.



Option Kasoori Methi is available in:

100g zipper lock pouch packing - Buy

Recipe of Methi Mutter Malai:

Heat butter in a pan. Saute onion till it turns translucent. Add cardamom, clove, green chilli, garlic, cashews and cook till their row flavours are cooked.  Let the mixture cool and blend this to a smooth paste using blender.  
Heat butter in a pan.  Add cumin & the paste. Add OPTION KASOORI METHI & green peas.  Add garam masala, turmeric powder, sugar, salt and toss them well.  Now add little by little milk while keep stirring gently over low-medium flame.
Add lots of cream and cook for few more minutes. Garnish & serve hot with Indian bread of your choice.




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