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Saffron is considered to be the queen of spices.  Option Saffron is a result of hand-picked finest stigmas from the small purple crocus.  Every gram of saffron consists of appx. 400-500 such stigmas, thus making it the most expensive spice on the earth.  Option Saffron comes with a promise of genuineness and goodness of absolute aroma & flavour that makes your preparations extra-ordinarily royal.



Few Strands of Option Saffron can be used as a topping/garnishing ingredient for sweets or desserts such as Kheer, Sheera, Kaju Katri, Ladoo, Shrikhand, Halwa, Ice Cream etc.

Saffron can also be an important cooking ingredient for royal preparations such as Biryani, Zaffrani Shorba, Kesar  Kahwa etc.




0.5g - Buy

1g - Buy


Heat generous amount of ghee in a pan.  Fry raisins, cashews & almonds till they slightly change their colour. Add cooked boiled rice and milk socked with few strands of OPTION Saffron.  Also add whole cardamom and clove. Now add sugar to this and mix the mixture gently.  Let it cook for 20 minutes on low flame.  Garnish with few Saffron strands and serve hot.



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