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Chat Masala

Option Chat Masala is undoubtedly a master formulation from the secret recipes of Option Foods. Very well  known as Chef's all time 
favourite blend of tangy and spicy flavours for that final touch to most of the Indian cuisine & chat preparations. 



Common Salt, Dried Mango, Black Salt, Cumin, Kachri, Fennel, Clove, Mint Leaves, Cassia, Black Pepper, Dry Ginger, Ajowain, Cardamom, Citric, Asafoetida.




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Take some broken papdi and make a base out of it on serving plate.  Top it up with diced boiled potatoes and boiled chickpeas. Now add generous amount of fresh whipped curd.  Top it up one by one with green spicy chutney, sweet tamarind/dates chutney and Option Chat Masala.  Garnish with Sev, Anardana, Boondi and freshly chopped green coriander leaves. Serve immediately. 


You can also use Option Chat Masala as a sprinkler while preparing  several Chat dishes such as Dahi Vada, Bhel, Shevpuri, Aloo Tikki etc.  It also goes very well with multiple  applications as it enhances the taste when sprinkled over Sandwiches, Salads, Pakodas, Indian Snacks, Tandoori Tikkas, Fries etc.




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